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Private viewing roomCollection 2023

From 16-28of March Arthur Sarkissian's LA Works

You can view this works In LA from 16-29 March

Andrew Lehren , 2023 Senior Editor atNBC NEWS

Arthur Sarkissian’s latest collection combines his provocative look at our world and stories synthesized through his empathetic artistic eye 

Garin Hovannisian,   , founder ofCreative Armenia

Hanging on the walls of our office, Arthur Sarkissian's canvases have become for us the vast windows we never had. They offer us views into bold and enigmatic landscapes of history, politics, and the human experience.

by Taleen Tertzakian , Tamar Sinanian, Critics’ Forum, 2008

"In the heart of Armenia's evolving contemporary art scene, artists like Arthur Sarkissian boldly broke free from the constraints of Socialist Realism, ushering in an era of boundless creativity. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 marked a pivotal moment, where newfound freedoms allowed art to flourish. Sarkissian's journey from abstraction to his collage-like method, reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg, embodies the essence of artistic freedom. Today, Armenian artists embrace diverse inspirations without ideological constraints, shaping a vibrant contemporary art discourse. Peter Frank, art critic for LA Weekly, aptly noted the dynamic shifts within Sarkissian's work, mirroring the evolving spirit of Armenia's artistic renaissance. With this auspicious beginning, we eagerly anticipate where these artists and their art will lead us."

Step into the immersive world of Arthur Sarkissian's artistry, where the known and the felt converge harmoniously within the canvas. In Sarkissian's paintings, a remarkable interplay unfolds between painterly gestures and vivid hues that convey emotion, and the concrete images sourced from mass media that find a home at the heart of his works. This exhibition invites you to witness a captivating dance between the raw brushstroke and the transferred image, where each element becomes not merely a foil but a collaborative partner.
Photographically woven into the composition, passages lifted from art history textbooks, illuminated manuscripts, or magazines retain their informative essence while becoming integral to a larger, painterly narrative. Sarkissian's hand invests each stroke with passion, yet these painterly incidents coalesce into a structured coherence, echoing the very language of photographic imagery. Join us on an engaging journey through Sarkissian's artistic realm, where the known and the felt unite in a mesmerizing symphony of creativity.
Los Angeles, March 2010 by J.A. Trumpower,

"Arthur Sarkissian, the artist who breathes life into his canvases through vibrant color, invites us to journey beyond the confines of the past and into a vivid, boundless future. Inspired by Jackson Pollock's "drip style," Sarkissian's use of color mirrors the rhythmic ebb and flow of ocean waves crashing upon the shore. His artworks, though adorned with historical artifacts, pulsate with movement, propelling us toward an unknown yet captivating future. Through his ample and dynamic palette, Sarkissian infuses his creations with thoughts of life, regeneration, and hope, guiding us away from the stagnant past into the resplendent, color-filled realms of what lies ahead.."

- Peter Frank , 2006 From the catalogue presented by Tufenkian Fine Arts

"Above all, Sarkissian’s is an art of transition, a demonstration of the flow of human experience from the felt to the known, from the intuited to the studied, and back again."

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