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"We are pleased to showcase a selection of recent works by Arthur Sarkissian with detailed highlights"

AR Experience to View in your space
- J.A. Trumpower, Art Historian, Los Angeles, March 2010.

 When I look at “Between the Images” of antique furniture, columns, figures, books, advertisements, maps, etc, and then I see that perhaps there is allot more that is crying out to be said about these works of such captivating beauty. Such as, these images of the antique are in actuality not just windows into the past they are instead portals that can transport us the viewer into the future. In my opinion this is the case because Sarkissian’s images of the historic touch the past while his use of color that is laid “Between the Images” themselves, is the energy source that is used to propel us the viewer, into the future and into the unknown.

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